I am Juan Pablo Jiménez Melero, an entrepreneur who seeks sustainability and the resolution of ODS challenges. You can find me on Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Use metrics and my ability to learn to generate bridges and solutions for a more sustainable and fair world.


To lead the processes of change and to inspire in my environment.


Love, Empathy, Effectiveness, Coherence and Continuous Learning

JP’s Story

I was born in Antequera, a small town in Málaga full of history.

My childhood was characterized by the tinkering with the technology: from computers to homemade intelligent radios. I loved to know how things work and how to modify it as I wanted.

I was (almost) an attempt at a computer engineer, but luckily, the opportunity to enter in LEINN (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) in Madrid appeared. This meant getting totally out of my comfort zone, which challenged me to fight against my biggest weakness: communication. I finished the program in July 2019, after facing a challenging Final Grade Project at Beforget: Creation of an Iterative Sales System.

I currently live in Málaga and have been working in Madrid, Finland, San Francisco, India (Mumbai & Delhi) and Shanghai.

I think the real engine of change is empathy: from the personal to the professional.

It allows us to know what other people’s problems are and put ourselves in their shoes: this must be the starting point of any long-lasting solution.

I also believe that 21st century companies have a great mission: to be coherent, sincere and ethical. These changes range from the use of ethical marketing, the honest use of data and traceability in production chains.

If we all, as a society, begin to implement these changes, the ODS will be achieved by inertia. So change begins in oneself.

I am currently in a process of personal and professional change enhanced by this.

I invite you to read my blog to see the progress of both processes:



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