We work alongside Companies and Institutions to develop learning itineraries that allow the acquisition of the digital skills and competences necessary to solve the Sustainable Development Goals.

canvas lms data

Learning Analytics

Predictive metrics within the LMS

During the last months working inside Canvas LMS, I was analyzing the metrics offered by the LMS and, thanks to them, I was able to generate a neural network that allowed predicting the results of students after completing the first two modules of the learning itineraries.

Red Neuronal Canvas LMS

Competences: Data cleaning and analysis, data visualization, creation of neural networks.

Date: 2019

Main Tools:  Tableau, Google Colab, Canvas LMS – Data

Beforget Live

Beforget Live

Co-creation of educational sessions in streaming.

During this project, I was in charge of the marketing automation and event attendee management. I was also in charge of streaming the sessions.

Competences:Marketing automation, streaming management, landing page management.

Date: 2019

Main Tools:  OBS, Autopilot, Mailchimp, WordPress.

plataforma empower

Empower – Utopicus

We co-created the Utopicus innovation training platform. Here we designed the training and mentored more than 30 students to solve challenges within the company to which they belonged.

During this project, I led the client and project management.

trello empower

Competencess: Project Management. Co-design and management of the platform, metorization of teams.

Date: 2019

Main Tools:  Trello, Canva LMS, Google Apps.

Vodafone Campus Lab

Vodafone Campus Lab

We designed and executed the innovation platform: an online training program where young people from different disciplines work together to create solutions to Vodafone’s innovation challenges.

Aprendizaje Circular

Competences: Co-design and management of experience, team facilitation

Date: 2018/2019

Main Tools:  Canva LMS, Google Apps.

Digital Platform for the Ibero-American Conference on Sustainable Development Goals

We designed and executed the platform for the development of digital competencies and the search for solutions to SDG. Twenty-one universities from Latin America and Spain participated.

Competences: Management of the learning experience.


  • Platform and learning experience – Early 2018
  • SDG Conference – 27/28/29 June 2018

Global Hack

24h Global Online Hackathon focused on the resolution of an SDG.

Competences: Co-Creation of the platform and materials, presentation and streaming at the event.


  • GlobalHack Oceans – 19/12/17
  • GlobalHack Desnuda la Fruta – 24/05/18
  • GlobalHack Education – 14/06/18

Social Hack

4h learning experiences that bring together talented young people to develop innovative projects that solve with agile methodologies, in one day, different SDG challenges.

The last experience was in Carlos III University with StartUC3M and Ambiente Europeo.

Competences: Management of the relationship with StartUC3M, co-creation of the event format and presentation/dynamization of the event.

Date: 09/09/17

Event Chronicle


"In BeForGet we are a learning community with different work ecosystems spread around the world, with the common goal of developing our critical and creative thinking to solve the complex challenges we face as a society to live sustainably.

People | Planet | Prosperity"

CSO in BeForGet creating strategies, analyzing the data and designing blended training itineraries to develop competencies and digital skills.

Website: beforget.com
Date: NOV 2016 - JUL 2019

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