I leave you a compilation of my best works in design, mainly in brand construction.

Branding Futur8

We transformed the working methods of teams to make them agile and competitive in a global market.

The objective of the branding was to generate a brand for a team training project between Spain and Asia. The brand needed to be compatible and attractive for both the Spanish and Chinese markets.

View Brand Manual View Brand Building Process

ReBranding Sharuk

Sharuk is a social enterprise fighting for the registration of children in India.

The objective of branding was to generate a brand that would transmit the strength of a mother and that would have elements that would allow the brand to adapt to Spanish, English and several Indian languages.

View Brand Building Process

Personal Brand

This is the design work of my personal brand, which you can already see on this website.

Ver Manual de Marca

Design Portfolio

My (non)design career started in 2017, with the specialization of Flan. I don't consider myself a designer, but a lover of the beautiful things and, especially, the minimalists.

I want all my work to have a design layer that makes it functional and effective.

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