Emosie Camp Fest is the first camp in Spain to combine Music and Multiadventure.

We combine Emosie’s musical experience, focused on learning through emotions, with a multi-adventure experience at Finca del Mazo, Cantabria.

We also stand out for being the first camp in Spain to have a 100% online and automated registration.

Competencies: Web development, analytics, creation of the registration and marketing automation system, Adwords campaign and management of collaborations and press.

Tools: Wordpress, Zapier, Typeform, Analytics, Data Studio, Adwords, Streak.

Date: July 2018 | Organization since September 2017


Emosie Camp

Musical camp carried out with the Emosie methodology.

Competencies: Web development, Adwords campaign, co-creation marketing campaign and photography.

Date: June 2017 | Organization since September 2016


"We take to the classrooms the recognition and the musical management through the Emotions"

CMO at Emosie creating MK strategies, process automation, web, managing collaborations with Music Academies and Customer Service.

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