360º media recording for small businesses.

Competencies: Edition and shooting of 360 images.

Dates: September-November 2017

Post Mortem Summary

  • Little interest from small shops/businesses in 360 images beyond Google Street View.
  • Impossibility to record quality video in 360º.
  • Portfolio/web did not reach a minimum of quality.
  • We did not have the support of experts who could guide/help us
  • What we did do well was get our first client before investing.

YogaBrunch Shanghai

Project focused on the union of Eastern culture, with Yoga, and Western culture, with healthy Mediterranean food. The focus of the project was to prototype this type of experience in Coworkings, sports centres… Finally, the possibility of implementing this concept in Shanghai without generating a large community in the past was neglected.

Competencies: Relationship with Chinese partners, keynote presentations.

Dates: March-April 2018

Failed Projects

Everything that didn't work out the way it should, that taught me what things not to do.

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