What is LEINN? Grade information.

Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (LEINN) is a university degree that employs an educational model based on “learning by doing”, team management, individual learning management and business development in different countries.

  • How does LEINN work?

LEINN offers its students a learning environment in which to generate companies under the legal framework of a “Junior Company Association”. From the first year, as students of this degree, we founded our association, “Wimadd” and began to design and develop products and services, to work with customers and to bill and profit to pass the course, among other objectives.

  • How do we train?

Within our Association we develop different real projects that serve as learning laboratories and in which we apply the knowledge we acquire through basic subjects and so-called Learning Paths.

The basic subjects, as their name indicates, are intensive master classes on the basic knowledge that we must have in order to manage a company. For example, commercial law, accounting, statistics, service design, etc.

Learning Paths are true learning journeys, focused on the acquisition of skills. They consist of two phases. In the first theoretical phase, we focus on the acquisition of knowledge through reading books and articles, attending events and conducting courses. In the second practical phase, we strive to transform knowledge into know-how, putting this new knowledge into practice in a real project of our company. This implementation is subject to a critical analysis as well as a measurement of results that are shared with our partners.

Academic objectives

Each year the members of the association must be formed and make a report of at least 10 different business topics. This is the first objective of the degree.

The second objective is, in each course, to achieve some objectives of turnover and profit, being the last year of 127.500€ of turnover and 85.000€ of profit. This is achieved through the projects, professionalizing them and scaling them by applying the knowledge acquired through the Learning Paths. The money generated is used for reinvestment in projects and to cover the costs of our learning trips.

Each year the company must travel to a country in the world to develop business and to get to know the business culture of that country. During the first year, a trip is made to Finland (6 weeks), in the second year of the career the company travels to San Francisco (1 month) and in the third year to India and China (4 months), the trip of the fourth year is decided according to the needs of the developed projects (indeterminate). The cost of these trips is paid from the income generated by the company with its projects.

Learning and skills developed from the management of Wimadd


  • Skills
    • Empathy.
    • Sociability.
    • Ease of Communication.
    • Active listening.
    • Teamwork.
    • Change adaptation.
    • Ability to solve problems.
    • Pressure tolerance.
    • Assertiveness.
  • Team management methodologies
    • Training sessions such as learning and project follow-up meetings
    • Design thinking
    • Agile methodologies. Scrum
  • Tools for team management
    • Asana
    • Trello
    • Chronos
    • Slack
    • Calendar
    • Project development
    • Financial plans
    • Treasury Management
    • Accounting
    • Presentation of fiscal models
  • Learning developed in all projects
    • Project Development
    • Customer development
    • Validation process
    • Experience design

Wimadd/ LEINN

Wimadd is a project incubator for learning and developing the skills necessary for entrepreneurship. It is born within the academic framework of LEINN at Teamlabs, Madrid

Client: Wimadd / LEINN

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