At Christmas 2017/18, Mi Roscón returns, after a prototype the first year, with the intention of finding a niche in the Madrid market.

Competencies: Design and management of Shopify online store, management of collaborations in the vegan sector and logistics.

Date: Christmas 2017/18

Vegan Partnerships

There were different vegan influencers who supported us, although PACMA (Spanish Animalist Party) points out that it went beyond launching content in stories to publish it on Twitter and Instagram.

Mi Roscón

Mi Roscón is the first 100% Online "roscones" -ring-shaped cake (eaten on the 6th January)- home delivery service. We also offered vegan and gluten-free alternatives to reach all audiences.

My role in Mi Roscón was the creation of the website and the online platform, together with the management of collaborations for the Vegetable Roscón and finally I had a logistical management role.

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